Bath Art News

    01 January 2011
    New BANA Website

    BANA's new website is fully interactive, enabling its artist members to update their profiles, contact details and image portfolio by using the site's 'back-office' system.

    Please follow these instructions to access your account and to make the necessary changes you require:

    Step 1
    Press the 'Log In' tab on the top right of the Home Page.

    Step 2
    Enter your Email Address and Password (which is your current BANA Membership Number)

    If you have forgotten your Password/ Membership Number, simply click the 'Forgotten password' link which will then prompt you for your email address to which your Password will be resent.

    You can then return to the Home Page and 'Log in' using your Email Address and new Password.

    Step 3
    You will then be able to view your 'My Account' page and make changes by clicking the 'Edit Details' tab.
    Change any details you require in the fields provided and note that those marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

    Step 4
    Click the 'My Profile Page' tab which will take you to your actual Artists Profile.

    You can add a description about you and your work including up to six images from your portfolio.
    Images can be added simply by using the 'Browse' button which allows you to search your computer for relevant images.

    We recommend that you upload images in JPEG, GIF or PNG format making sure they are in RGB rather than than CMYK.

    In terms of size, we recommend that images are approximately 500 pixels wide and set to 72 DPI. The size of the file should be no more than 3Mb. If your images are smaller than 500 pixels wide they may not appear correctly.

    Images taken from the old BANA website are smaller so we highly recommend you upload better quality ones to the new site.

    You can also set your Privacy Settings to dictate how much personal information you actually have displayed on the site.