Bath Art News

    13 September 2011
    Developments at Sainsbury's and Green Park Station

    BANA members and all practising artists in the Bath area will be interested to learn that BANA has recently been involved, with other invited parties, in a series of early public consultation meetings about the possible redevelopment of the existing Sainsbury's supermarket and Homebase sites and proposals for changes to the Green Park station area. While all these inter-related proposals are still at early outline stage and the formal planning process has not yet started, BANA Director David Metcalfe has been lobbying for provision of affordable studio space and for the opportunity to display more public art as part of the overall scheme. This is an exciting development which BANA will be monitoring closely in the coming months. If any BANA members are interested in hearing more about this possible redevelopment scheme, David will be speaking a little about it at the forthcoming BANA AGM on 14th October (see